So, what is Slow Beauty?

We tackle the core of your skin problems

Slow beauty is effective because it’s just a quick fix
but a long-term solution to finding the cause of our skin problems.
We provide skincare solutions that your skin truly needs.

This is why we produce a limited variety of products

Products and brands with their’ heritage do not produce new products
but keep on developing and renewing existing products.

Rather than launching different products every season,
It is our responsibility to listen to your needs
to develop and make better the products we already have.

We believe this is the path we need to take in order to remain a reliable skincare expert.

Ingredients with a reason
Moringa Seeds

Also known as The Miracle Tree, moringa seeds contain various nutrients
that can cure more than 300 types of illness.
It is a known fact that moringa seeds are used in Africa to purify contaminated water.

Here are the reasons why we chose moringa seeds for our product :
Can help reduce microdust, heavy metal, and other toxins in our skin
Can work as an antioxidant for stressed skin
Can relief inflammations caused by the external environment

Moringa seeds are the closest to perfect ingredient for urban skin problems.


We can’t talk about BaKuchiol without discussing Retinol.

We all know retinol is an effective ingredient for several skin problems.
But the Korean government restricts retinol usage to 0.75ml due to its’ side effects.
Despite its’ side effects, retinol is widely used to treat acne, wrinkles, and other skin issues.

On the other hand, Bakuchiol is a retinol alternative that mimics
the effects of retinol with fewer side effects. It is a plant based-ingredient that can be used day &
night without worrying about the side effects of retinol.

Egyptian Peas

Since B.C Egyptian peas have been a good source of nutrients for human beings.
Egyptian peas are high in protein and other nutrients and are also beneficial for skincare.

It forms our skin’s natural barrier and provides moisture while helping retain
our skin condition to keep our skin healthy and comfortable.